Making Learning Accessible!

Making Learning Accessible! Muditva’s Skill Building is a project taken with high Initiative by the Advisory Board & India-Connect Community. We Strive Hard on helping people re-enter the workforce, Muditva knows that computer skills are a must in almost every job now and in order to find those jobs people need to be able to communicate online with confidence.

Building a job seeker's skills confidence with computer and soft skills we've found that their chances of success in securing employment increase dramatically; not only do they secure employment they are also better able to maintain their jobs and advance in their careers. At Muditva we believe that everyone should have access to this training regardless of their financial situation. The program is supported financially by the member donations we receive.

Muditva’s Skill Building Brings Training to You, Anytime You’re Ready To Learn! Muditva, with Its Wide Partners and Promoters Network Provides Training In Essential Skills in Subjects Including Stress Management, Oral & Written Business, English and Interpersonal Communication along with Basic Computer Operations and Office Penetrations.

Our learning Program contains 100's of courses and is available with utmost care- learn when it suits you! Lots of career opportunities are open to those attaining this Skill Builder. Best of all, Engaging you to support Muditva in its mission to help those returning to the workforce. To Know More on Skill Building, Please Write to