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Who We Are

World of Innovation, Learning, Growth & Equal Opportunities With Muditva

Being Intrinsic Part of Civil Society, Our Work not only based on Personal Initiative and Activity of Hundreds of Our Employees & Volunteers but also on Trust and Support we are Endowed by Individuals, Business, Governments and International Institutions.

We Consider Human Dignity & Freedom to be Basic Values & Believe People anywhere in the World Should have a Right to make Decisions about their lives

Muditva is an NGO Based on the Ideas of Digital System Access, Equality, Advancement, Education & Health Care with Better Living and Humanism

The Scope of Our Activities, Particular areas & Priorities are Determined independently with respect to the Level of Urgency & to Our Real Capacity to Change Something. Its not So Important to have the work done everywhere; however it is essential for us to Make a Real Difference

Our Network of Generous Donors, Volunteers, Co-partners, Institutions & Organizations Share a Mission of Building the Nation – DIGITAL INDIA Through our Key Service Areas.

Muditva’s vision - Digital India Enables People to Address Duel Mandate – To Make their Current Living As Efficient & Cost Effective as Possible to Capitalize Innovation & Digital Technology to Unleash New Potential Across their Family & Society.

Muditva’s Mission is the Deep Penetration of Technology & Digital Services to Rural Parts of India with Pure Focus on Success of Village Level Entrepreneurship, Empowerment of Ordinal Asset and Mobile Centric – For Upright. We Work Close to Assist them in learning to manage their life through indulgent life with Digital Centric.

India-Connect Leadership, a Worldwide Network of Expertise. Muditva is its People, An Amazing Array of Talent. We Take Goals and Need for Strategic Design and Seamless Digital Delivery Seriously, Connecting to Our Entire Team to leverage its Creativity, Knowledge and Experience for a Better Living and Incredible Digital India.

At Muditva, We Partner and Align With People, Organizations and Individual Volunteers whose Products and Services Complement Our Own Offerings.

Passion for What they Do. Knowledge & Insight. Years of Experience. Meet Few of Our Experts We Rely on for Help to Overcome Risks & Obstacles. Digital Empowerment, People Engagement, Coverage Expansion – Our Experts Cover it All.

What Makes Muditva Unique is Our Ability to Serve in Meeting their Challenges. We Help them Enhance Productivity by Ensuring that Digital Penetration and Functions work Faster Improving Living Standards and take it to the Next Level.

Leaders have always Faced the Job of Inspiring Others while Making Important Decisions with Incomplete information. Today’s Leaders are Confronted with Challenges and Opportunities that have never been more Dynamic or Complex. Helping Individuals Effectively understand and manage these forces is a Key Responsibility of Muditva &its Leadership Initiative.

What We Do

Muditva Exists to Provide Compassionate Care to those In Need.

Skill Building

Making Learning Accessible! Muditva’s Skill Building is a project taken with high Initiative by the Advisory Board & India-Connect Community.

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Digital Access System

Serving Under Privileged & Rural sector Startups With Custom Technological assets, specialized facilities and Subject Matter Expertise.

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Expertise for UpRight

India-Connect is a Community comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and rich expertise in the World’s Advanced Technology Society

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Entrepreneurship Advancementt

Expansion of Economic Opportunities for Individuals & Communities. Our Initiative is to Help Indian Entrepreneurs Build Successful Establishments

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Better Living

Provide the necessary guidance to designers & developers, Muditva has identified particular user needs related to special domains & needs related to eHealth..

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Digital Infrastructure Development

Making Digital India Possible at every institution, Organization, provides a national backbone for business, innovation, creativity and citizenship

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Education & Health Care

Muditva’s Education & Health Care is collaboration between the Scholars, Doctors,Citizens, Organizations and Institutions Build Digital India with HCT & ET

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Spending & Wellbeing

India has fascinating patterns in consumer behavior when it comes to spending and well being. We Believe In Quality Spending for Better Tomorrow.

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Muditva's Digital Craft

Our Network of Generous Donors, Volunteers, Co-partners, Institutions& Organizations Share a Mission of Building the Nation – Through our Key Service Areas.


At Muditva, Would Love to Listen & Learn From You,

Our Partners

Muditva works with partners around the world: this is a partial list, as some of our relationships and work are private.

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Join Our India-Connect, A Community interested in Sharing Best Practice insights and Strategic Thinking with each other. For More Information, You May Write to Our Advisory Board – Support@Muditva.com