HappySales Know More

What is HappySales?

HappySales itself sounds like " A sale that makes you Happy".

Repository System.

We ensure our customers with best quality products with a cheaper price. Our Repository System has all the information of the renowned brands and high quality products from different manufacturers in india.

Organizational Access

Quick access is provided to the people with happysales through our website that has complete product information. People can browse the information about the products and their prices to compare best out of the best.


Information would be provided about the offers that are available in Happysales to our consumers. You can get all the information about the products, brands which we sell and the manufacturers info at our republic centres or you can check information in our website

Unique Identity

Unique Identity lies in our product is quality and its price.

Special Partners

HappySales acts as a preferred partner for both the customer and the manufacturers. We have direct tieups with the manufacturers and brands to get the products at the best deals.


We always accept feedback from our customers to improve our services that helps us believe in great responisibility to ensure the quality products to our customers.


All the Manufacturers that we have associated are ISO Certified. We at Muditva take most care of our consumers in giving quality products from verified Brands and Manufacturers

Special Access

Special Access only for customers who directly comes to our republic service centres. Our Services are limited to people who are aware.


Great Opportunity for people to get high quality products with low cost. Great Deals from thousands of manufacturers online and offline.


Enrich your lifestyle with high quality products from thousands of the manufacturers and brands at a very low cost.