Education & Health for All

Muditva’s Education & Health Care is collaboration between the Scholars, Doctors, Responsible Citizens, Organizations and Institutions towards the Mission of Building Digital India with HCT & ET

Muditva’s operation is to enhance service, provide training and conduct research supporting the successful, comprehensive transition of youth and young adults with special healthcare needs from pediatric to adult oriented healthcare; from school to higher education and employment and Integration of Healthcare Transition (HCT) and Education Transition (ET) will enhance, and make more effective, the transition experience for teens, their families and professionals from both disciplines.

• HCT and ET should be integrated, depending on the individual teen’s unique needs and in collaboration with the teen and his/her family. Systems should be developed to facilitate this integration and collaboration.

• Each profession has much to offer the other. Coordination and collaboration within a patient and family cantered philosophy of care will result in better outcomes for the teen and family.

• Good health leads to increased ability to work and play: better preparation of students for their futures, less frustration for teachers, less administrative/system time spent on helping students make up missed days/work, so both fields will benefit.