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The Digital Access System (DAS), an initiative serving Under Privileged & Rural sectors in India and beyond, supports Startups both large and small-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing enhanced access to Our Wide Partners’ technological assets, specialized facilities and subject matter expertise. Organizations will benefit from the DAS by gaining access to technology and expertise previously unavailable directly to them. From Basic Daily Usage – To Aerospace.

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It is an expertise give away through which both Individuals & Industry can work with on basic usage, as well as applied research projects, participate in technical service activities or knowledge diffusion & training activities - in addition to accessing program individuals; co-op Organizations and Corporate Companies ultimately contributing to local innovation & productivity gains.

As an effective and affordable way to get trained or train your workforce – for today’s technology and methods, or in preparation for tomorrow’s new technologies. This includes the entire spectrum of training from seminars to workshops, more robust training, and customized training formats.

While we have broad areas of focus, we also work with industry in areas they identify as important, especially in training – contact us with your ideas!