Claimsday Know More

What is Claimsday?

“ Our aim is to make people’s lives more beautiful — with high-quality Products which are wonderful to touch and are a delight to the eye. ”

Repository System.

Constructing high repository system for our customers by proving them with Best Deals. We Specialize in Offering the Best Deals on Smart Technology Devices and Electronics through the Best Discounted and Precious Deal of the Day.

Fund Raiser

The Fund Raiser is a Donation Towards Digital India Foundation and the Same will be used to Serve the People Better, Feed the Homeless, Strengthening “Back to School” Programs or Many Activities DI Is Engaged on Priority Basis.


Claimsday is a CSR activity of Muditva Group. More than 2 Million Members Use Claims Day not only to get the best products, but the intention is to help the people in need and feed them. We Appreciate the People who utilized our services and we conducts events to value them for their effortless support.


Earn points when you raise money or give to a cause. Impact Points are a reflection of your charitable life. Money goes to your charity whether you beat your goal or not..

Special Entity

A Special entity is given to our customers who funds claimsday to identify their support. We Thank Our Customers for Being Best Donors – For Good Cause.


We encourage taking timely feedback from our wellwishers to improve our services.


ClaimsDay Strives to Provide Best Deals on Quality Products and Gives Customers an Exceptional Online Experience. Putting Shoppers First and Providing them With the Best & Most Efficient Service Possible is Our Top Priority. .


We’ve Built lasting Relationships with Top Product Manufacturers to Secure Quality Products for Our Loyal & Dedicated Customers.


We Motivate teammates and group members to participate in our campaign with a Prize Program featuring movie tickets and cash prizes. Oppurtunity is given to every supporter equally.


We Conduct Free Workshops and fundraising events to give fun and to get the fundraising successfull. We enrich people by helping them develop the skills they need to succeed.