What is Citizen First?

"Techology For Good" Solution. Designed for Citizens

Citizen First

Citizen First, a Muditva Garage Project, is a "Technology for Good” Solution which is Designed to Help Citizens Connect to Municipalities Easily and Effectively, to report issues or Civic Issues and Infrastructure Concerns. The App Aims to Bring the Power of Ubiquitous Mobile Computing, Heavily Used Bing Maps, and Services together with relevant and available Government Online Services to Make Our Services to Make Our Cities and Towns a Better Place to Live In, Which Can be Accomplished with Your Help!!

How it Works?

For example, take a picture of the pothole you seen on the road that is causing a traffic jam, or garbage you see on the road and post the concern to civic authorities. You can easily set the location of the problem on the map, even if you don't know the exact address. Your issues and your personal information may be sent to civic authorities who may follow-up. Muditva will not be responding to or resolving any of the issues, other than passing them along to civic authorities that participate in the app.

We Are Proud Of What We Create

Extremely Simple

Citizen First, is a "Technology For Good” Solution Designed to Help Citizens Connect to Government easily & Effectively, to report Civic issues or Concern.

The App Aims to Bring the Power of Mobile Computing using Location Services together with relevant and available government Services to Make Nation a Better Place to Live In, Which Can Be Accomplished with your Help!

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What Reviews Say

Great reference way for Direct reporting of Every Minor and Major Problem. Every citizen should have and use the App.

Great Application Especially in these times.


Amazing app and very much deserving of 5 stars!!!! Developer is very attentive to our needs. I can't believe we get to have this app for FREE! Keep up the great work!


The app looks great and functions fantastically! One more suggestion (for a 6th "theoretical" star)....add more functions


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