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Enhancing Learning & Working Model by Eliminating Overhang.

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The Most Essential Mechanism for Great Society breaths in Building Prodigious Education and Occupation. Muditva Works Closely to Enhance Excellence of Learning and Eliminating Disparity at both Institutional & Organization Level though Auxiliary System.


Scholars are Empowered Through all Work & Academic Records Digitalization & Building High Repository System with Cross Improvement of Digitalized Data with Respective Boards, Universities & Organizations. Complete Background Verification & “Verified” Cap to Prioritize at Hiring Process Building Verified & Authenticated Repository System.


Filterable Fresh Database – “Verified” Unique Access to Participating Companies For Direct Job Postings & Free Accessible Direct Job Information to Candidates with “One Click” Apply. Weekly Digest on Job Postings. Filtered, on Interest, Skill, Eligibility Based Weekly Digest on Scholarships, Unique BCS for Easy Tracking & Up to Date Profile.


Free Workshops to Enrich Skill Set & Numerous Programs In Connotation with Several Reputed Institutions & Organizations along with Career Counseling & Assistance in CV Preparation. High Priority Incubation Centre to take the Idea High, Assisting In Fine-Tuning the Best Ideas & Present to Various Institutions & Investors.

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Muditva’s aim is "to contribute to the further development by co-operating with Students, Scholars, Experts and organizations applying the results of its thought process and Simplifying the Most Vital – But Complex System". In order to meet accountability requirements demanded in recent years, and as a part of industrial-academic co-operation and contribution, Bhavishya was introduced.

Bhavishya is a collaborative venture among the members of the Muditva with a Distinctive Storage Task (DST) with Organizations, Independent College and Universities in anticipation of future participation. DST will be housed in an environmentally controlled, carefully inventoried and secure high density facility & administratively hosted.

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What Our Customers Say

"I came to Muditva with nothing but an idea, and 30 minutes later, I hung up the phone with a goal and a plan of action. Muditva takes you, wherever you are, with whatever you know and want to do, and finds the best possible way for you to get there.

Put simply, Muditva makes your dreams come true.


Co-founder, Bubble Next

I had never thought of joining an organization like Muditva but it made me change the way i took life… I learned how to get happiness from the smallest things in life…

I Love Being Part of this Organization



Searching for contacts or Right Opportunity can be an overwhelming task. I thought, "Where do I start? What do I do?" I found the services of Muditva answered all those questions. Dealt with me directly - showing great enthusiasm and knowledge in assisting me with finding work in my Industry of choice."



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