Digital living for the benefit of society and individuals

Information and communication technologies (ICT) assist us in many areas of our lives. Large scale deployment of communications technologies has produced major changes in the way we communicate for social and business purposes. However, most of these deployments were technology-led, without any prior assessment of social consequences.

Muditva's "Better Living with ICT" cluster contains several technical committees whose aim is to make products and services simpler to use, safer and more efficient, taking account of the social and cultural contexts of the end users.

The ultimate goal is improvement of the quality of life for all, but this is not at the expense of the environment. Muditva is actively committed to identifying energy efficiency solutions that mitigate the impact on climate change by the growing use of ICT. For example, Muditva is establishing a common methodology for measuring the overall environmental impact and has furthermore defined requirements and measurement methods for power consumption of specific telecommunications devices.

Muditva has also been defining the complete life cycle for telecommunications equipment, from its development to the end of its life. This definition is useful in making assessments of the environmental aspects of a product in the various phases of its life cycle. Operational needs are also being addressed; these include power optimization for broadband equipment, energy control and monitoring, alternative energy for telecommunication installations, etc.

Muditva also addresses the user experience in a variety of ways. Muditva defines ‘Quality of Service', i.e. the characteristics of the a technology service that reflect its ability to satisfy stated and implied needs of the user of the service, as well as ‘Quality of Experience', i.e. the overall acceptability of an application or service, as perceived subjectively by the end-user.

Muditva 's work in Human Factors deals with issues relating to the ease of use and accessibility for all users. In order to provide the necessary guidance to designers and developers, Muditva has identified particular user needs related to special domains like public Internet terminals and needs related to eHealth; novel emerging user interface technologies; individual requirements related to factors such as age, language or disability and personalization