Muditva's Advisory Board is a Combination of Thought Leaders, Industry Experts, Responsible Citizens, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Local & National Leaders Serving in an advisory Capacity to Muditva, the Advisory Board Considers and Provides Inputs On Important Strategic Choices facing the Society , and works to Broaden and enhance the Muditva Services in Key Segments for Digital India.

The Global Advisory Board Assists with the Following in Strategic Way transversely to Build Digital India.

Engaging & Strengthening Muditva Products and Alumni by Prompting Philanthropy toward cubicle.Raising the Visibility of Various Programs, Services and Projects to Empower Digital Penetration.Identifying & Cultivating Potential People Centric Opportunities to Promote Entrepreneurship, Digital Strengthening of the Society by Supporting Educational & Healthcare Segments through Partners and Promoters.

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